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  • Makes me feel like a friend and not a customer!

    They give me a fair price and I stay home instead of jail. Pretty simple. Always gets what they say done. Makes me feel like a friend and not a customer and I don't think about the problems after they are hired. I won't leave this firm EVER!

  • Impressed & Highly Recommended!

    I was in a motorcycle accident back in 2014 and the insurance company didn't want to work with me. I visited with quite a few different attorneys and none of them impressed me like Brad Cundiff did. He did an excellent job and would highly recommend him to anyone! I've also used Patrick Coyne and he is very good at what he does!

  • Honest, Friendly Attorneys! Great job!

    Honest, Friendly Attorneys! Great job!

  • This is the only firm I will ever use!

    I have been using Pat Coyne, Brian Zink and Lorna Hubber for last 15 years. I have referred both friends and family. What I like most is they tell you what to expect through the whole process from criminal cases to family law and personal injury. If they tell you what they can do for you for your outcome, you can count on them and sometimes you get a better outcome then what was suggested. This is the only firm I will ever use as well as my family. If you use another firm you will be disappointed. My boyfriend got a speeding ticket and their rates were the lowest. And the court cost and fine was less than the speeding fine.

  • Pat Coyne did an amazing job from start to finish!

    I was falsely accused and I reached out to Pat Coyne immediately. He did an amazing job from start to finish, and the charges were dropped. Not only did he do his job flawlessly, he was very informative and personable throughout. I couldn't ask for a better lawyer, and I highly recommend him to anyone.

  • I never felt like I was fighting alone!

    Brad Condiff and his staff are awesome. I highly recommend them. They were there for me anytime or day that I needed to talk to them. Brad took extra time to explain everything to me. I never felt like I was fighting alone.

  • Highly Recommend Mr. Hillemann!

    Mr. Hillemann was wonderful and so was all of his staff. Highly recommend!

  • Attorney Patrick Coyne! Makes Sure You Understand Everything!

    Patrick Coyne is awesome! He takes time and makes sure you understand the situation!!!! Above all he's a super Attorney and highly recommend him to anyone!

  • Highly Recommended! These guys are great attorneys!

    I have known and used this firm for as long as I can remember and they've never disappointed me and kept expectations realistic. They've always kept their word (which means a lot to me) if they say they can do it they can and will do it! I've used all of them for different things for over 13 years now, since I was 16 and have known them for over 20 years. My father and grandfather used them even longer until they both passed away which they were very helpful with as well and one of them even showed up to my Dad Kenneth Wimer's funeral and the others reached out to me personally with regards and apologized for not being able to attend the funeral which I'm pretty sure they sent flowers still even though they couldn't attend. The attorneys at this firm are all very helpful, caring, understanding, very reasonable with pricing, and trustworthy. I have always recommended them to anyone who needs to hire an attorney or even if they just had questions or needed advice and everyone I have sent to them have always been happy and satisfied with their work. They can handle anything you need taken care of and if for some very small reason they can't they can send you to someone they know and trust. These guys are great attorneys and I'd highly recommend them to any and everybody without a doubt!

  • Jessica Schumacher is an outstanding attorney!

    Jessica Schumacher represented me in a very difficult custody case that was in the court system for over 2 years!! Through out that 2 years Jessica devoted not only her professional time but also her personal time to my case! Jessica is an outstanding attorney and will continue to represent me in any future legal matters!!